Our Services

This clinic works for everyone!  If you are insured we are happy to see you in our happy laid back environment.  Consistent with the direct pay model we will not require insurance, but payment for the services rendered are collected that day.  If you have insurance it still works for you.  We have been doing this now for approximately 3 years and this has been working out fantastically for our patients.  If you are insured but have any deductible at all then we are probably perfect for you!.  We will cost a fraction of the traditional fees of healthcare while affording you standard of care and not breaking your bank.  Moreover, we will still apply your out of pocket expense (which is a lot less) to your high insurance deductible as per your insurance carve-out.  All insurance plans are different in how they will appropriate reimbursement to their policy holders.  Or look to utilizing your health spending account to pay for our service fees.  If you are still uninsured: that does not affect us at all either.  Our goal is not to mess with the business or political side of medicine as it is proving too unpredictable.   Our goal is affordably taking care of our community's mind, body and spirit.  

  1. Boston Heart Diagnostics
    Boston Heart is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease by providing healthcare providers and their patients with novel, personalized diagnostics and reports with integrated, customized lifestyle programs that have the power to change the way clinicians and patients communicate about disease and improve heart health. Doctors Directs' Dr. Derek Murphy is one of these healthcare providers that personalizes his care for his patients. He has forever supported his patients taking control of their healthcare. With Boston Heart there exists another way to incorporate academic knowledge into everyday lifestyle. The Boston Heart Lifestyle Program is different from others that you might have seen or tried. With Boston Heart, you get personalized recommendations for improving your daily habits, which are linked to proven scientific research into how to improve heart health and your health in general. This is personalized information for you! Additionally, you get the support of trained, caring coaches, who are Registered Dietitians and will help you get going—and keep going—toward your goals.
    Now available is VO2Max testing at Doctors Direct. Dr. Murphy and his staff will be able to identify VO2MAX for our fitness driven patients. We challenge you to get your measurement and to improve it over a three t four month period. This is avaiable without having to be an established patient of ours! Doctors Direct is focused on identifying earlier heart disease within the nearly 65% of men and 55% of women who have a cardiovascular burden. We are driven to go beyond identifying this, but pushing to improve your cardiovascular function.
  3. Pulmonary Function Test
    Doctors Direct has started performing Pulmonary Function Testing in their office. This too is available to patients of our own and those who are not currently cared for by us.
  4. In Body Testing
    COMING SOON! Align with our Integrative Medical Weight Loss Program, In Body allows us to assess and track lean body mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat, and inflammation. Providing the patient and provider a more accurate assessment of body composition.
  5. Laboratory Services
    This list of laboratory tests are offered to the public and Doctors Direct patients alike. No insurance is required to get this cost for the labs. These costs are significantly less than what would be charged by the lab and are the most competitive pricing you will find in town. This is perfect for those without insurance but also great for patients with large deductibles. Patients with insurance can utiliize their policiies and no fees other that whatever is negotiated between their insurance policy and the processing lab. If you are not a patient of Doctors Direct there is a $5 draw fee. Patients of Doctors Direct also will receive a discounted price compared to the attached list of cash prices. Our labs are open during our office hours Feel free to contact us if there is something in particular you are interested in getting drawn if it is not listed. We can likely identify a special price for your interest. Thanks for your interest in Doctors Direct LLC.