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Medicare Humana ONLY:
Patients with who are Medicare HUMANA please note it is important for you to establish with your insruance that Dr. Murphy is made your primary care provider. This insurance is very difficult in terms of accepting referrals for any imaging or any referral to specialists based on their policy.  Dr. Murphy has been granted indefinite "opt out" status by CMS and the Medicare government insurance; however, Humana Medicare seems to run its own way. Gladly, we have very few Humana MEDICARE patients.  It will make any process much more smooth if you can establish Dr. Murphy as your preferred primary care doctor if this does affect you.  Like aforementioned, this affects a very small handful of patients. 

Pain Control - Anxiolytic Memo
In light of continued DEA/CDC recommendations and law there is an ever changing landscape for pain management.  Initial goals for the patients in our practice, is to push pain control down and/or out.  We have decided after discussions with multiple pain specialists and the recommendations of state law to start consistent tapering of opioid therapy.  We will continue to provide medication but we are targeting goals of < 30MEDD.  Some patients we realize this is not a realistic goal and we will be happy to transition this aspect of their care to a specialist in pain control.  It is also important and new law is coming with respect to concurrent use of other controlled medications.  We will work to find reasonable substitutions and work with our medical colleagues and specialists to find reasonable plans for our patients. Significant changes are coming soon for concomitant opioid use w/ benzodiazepines or other CNS depressants, incuding alcohol. We observe this combination may result in profound sedation, respiratory depression, coma, and even death. We are moving toward compliance with this yet to be law; but this is starting to already be placed as warnings on opioid medication black box areas.  This is a decision effective immediately that is in the best interest of all patients. We are NOT accepting any new patients with chronic pain needs.