Laboratory Testing

This list of laboratory tests are offered to the public and Doctors Direct patients alike.  No insurance is required to get this cost for the labs. These costs are significantly less than what would be charged by the lab and are the most competitive pricing you will find in town.  This is perfect for those without insurance but also great for patients with large deductibles.  Patients with insurance can utiliize their policiies and no fees other that whatever is negotiated between their insurance policy and the processing lab.  If you are not a patient of Doctors Direct there is a $5 draw fee. Patients of Doctors Direct also will receive a discounted price compared to the attached list of cash prices.  Our labs are open during our office hours  Feel free to contact us if there is something in particular you are interested in getting drawn if it is not listed. We can likely identify a special price for your interest. Thanks for your interest in Doctors Direct LLC. 

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