Get Access to Doctors Direct 

Dr. Murphy and his staff are focusing again this year very specifically on every patient’s personalized heart health.  Half of all heart events occur in people with normal cholesterol panels.  We uniquely offer our patients with very detailed personalized evaluations of their respective cardiovascular risks.  Now we have been able to objectively collect data on patient body composition, metabolic rates as well as VO2 max data.  We have had many patients ask us appropriately what is the importance of cholesterol panels in terms of the bigger picture of risk.  The answer is not simple.  Nor is the answer clear cut.  While we do not totally want to ignore what 99% of physicians in primary care order their patients in trying to evaluate risk; we go further. We are part of less than 1% of physicians who dig deeper routinely with their patients’ preventative cardiovascular care.  The significant risks lie in additional data we can collect on our patients who are accessing our clinic. We want to best understand you so that we can make the best decisions with and for you.  We have instrumented keen insight to help you achieve your goals with the addition of Lexi Yoo, NP and her expertise in nutrition and fitness.  Also we are continuing to see excellent results with our allergy testing for our patients through the program with Allergy woRx.  All too commonly this past year we have people with real risk, but their insurance will not allow us to do stress testing and this just defaults to them having to see cardiology right away and then get their testing... more time and more money. 

Communication, availability, transparency and our accessibility rival any provider in town and we believe our clinic experience is one of the best you can get.  Our patient service is excellent.  We want to continue to allow you be able to get in contact with us with just a few keystrokes.  Our patients find this a very convenient way to keep in touch, follow up and make simple requests that we gladly accommodate often without additional requests for appointments.  We want you to continue to just drop in.  Keep in mind one of our primary goals is to look out for you in terms of how to best utilize your insurance coverage or lack thereof to keep your costs as low as we possibly can.  There are times that appointments are necessary; however.  We have been able to dig deep in our community and find great options of low cost imaging, labs and the like for about any problem you may have. I know this is not a common practice in most traditional practices. We are continuing to make available our same day policy. Our schedule is staying with the same format as it was on day one and this is vital to your accessibility to us.  We love what we are doing and I think about anyone you ask would agree.

In order to get access to our level of service we have an annual access fee. You will get incomparable communication and personalized care with your physician directly. Not to mention additional savings on in office labs, studies, and procedures when compared to non-patients. We will save you far more money on your prescriptions and workups than you would ever imagine by making smart decisions that optimize your dollar value.  We are not the traditional medical clinic and shouldn’t be compared to any either.  The fee for our service will be buried in your first office visit of “your year of care."  You get all of the benefits above and more for a fee of $115 for the year.  If you are a couple / family that file taxes with the family members as tax dependents; then the fee is only $200 for all dependents and their parents living in the same residential address.  Family fees do not apply to adults living in separate residences.  The $115 for the first family member is assessed at their visit and then whenever the additional family member comes a fee of only $85 is charged (for a total of $200). This fee starts the month of your first visit and is due the first of the same month the next calendar year. We want you to be an active part of your healthcare.  Get VIP care at an affordable fee. 

If you have any questions please contact us directly. 

-Dr. Derek Murphy