Our practice makes sense for everybody!  If you are insured, uninsured, medicare or otherwise we are happy to see you in our enjoyable laid back environment.  Consistent with a direct pay model we do not require insurance, but payment for the services rendered are collected the day of service in our office.  If you have insurance we still will utilize this to secure labs, obtain prior authorizations,  images, and procedures amongst other things on your behalf.  We have been doing this now for going on 3 years now and this has been working out fantastically for our patients.  Large deductibles make this way appealing not only from cost savings we can provide at our point of service, but we also have worked with a number of other faciilties to secure the most cost effective manner to care for you (images, biopsies, labs etc).  We will cost a fraction of the traditional fees of healthcare while affording you standard of care. If you are uninsured: that does not affect us at all either.  Our goal is not to mess with the business or political side of medicine as it is proving too unpredictable.   Our goal is affordably taking care of our community's mind, body and spirit... and we feel we have been doing this very well. 

We have created this adventure to bring quality healthcare to hard working people at a fraction of the cost.  Big businesses are trying to focus on access in all the wrong ways. The real key to access is making healthcare first available but definitely affordable. You have to want to be involved in your health - we will help you do that.  Dr. Murphy makes it a priority to also consider what is the most affordable way to get labs, images and the like done for you despite your insurance status.  Most insured people still have to contend with some degree of a deductible - which is still money straight out of your pocket. We get that- we understand that- that is why every decision we make has some dollar value to it.  Real access is affordable healthcare and we guarantee that is what we are providing all of our current and future patients at Doctors Direct located in Fishers off of 131st and Olio Road.