Doctors Direct LLC is now in its fourth year of providing medical care to the Fishers community. Implementing a Direct Access approach we are proud to have found a successful way to provide quality standard of care to patients in an affordable way. Dr.Murphy has been caring for patients almost fifteen years and has found that patients do best when their voice is heard.  If we don't know your concerns we cannot find a solution. Speak up and let us hear your voice today & Give us a call at 317.863.0830 or email doctormurphydirect@gmail.com .

- Our clinic offers care a little bit different 

- Cost : basic office visits $75-
              annual access fee 1st family member $125-
              2nd family member $75

- Electronic visits: Phone, email and SKYPE/FACETIME - email to arrange 

- Services: Internal Medicine: gen med, basic derm, cardiology, gastro, rheumatology,           
              neuro, nephrology, pulmonary, allergy, trigger points, Lab services, IV      
              therapy, Weight Loss (Smartbyte), Boston Heart and more.

- See Nurse Practioner LEXI Yoo's link here for more information about the special                            
              services she provides out of the Doctors Direct office -